Our History

The North East Mens Alliance (NEMA), Inc. is a 501(c)(3) led by Executive Director David Tall Heart O’Brien.
NEMA arranges and sponsors professionally led men’s retreats–semiannual (spring and fall) Spirit Camps–along with other workshops facilitated and co-led by two soulful men, Brandon Davis and 4 Gateway Certified Jonathan Hefter.
Our base camp is YMCA Camp Hi-Rock, described on its website in this way: “Nestled among 1,000 acres in the Berkshire Mountains, surrounded by conservation forest, and centered around our pristine, private, 90-acre lake, YMCA Camp Hi-Rock enjoys a truly magnificent location.”

While we are not affiliated with any particular religious, philosophical, or political school of thought, we have found that opening ourselves to world mythology, poetry, Native American traditions, ancient male traditions, and ritual movement have helped us enter a “liminal” space–an “in-between threshold realm”–where we can soulfully consider our pasts and glimpse our possible futures. We respectfully and affectionately encourage one another to imagine solutions to the problems and challenges we encounter in our everyday lives. “Soul work” helps us see “the gold” in ourselves and other men as well as in our families, loved ones and, ultimately, all creation.

A Little History

The North East Mens Alliance (NEMA) Inc. was formed in August 2012 as the next step in the evolution of providing educational ritual based programs that serve the local community and people from all over New England. Men who attend are ages 18-90, come from diverse backgrounds: men who are from the city and are able to find healing in nature, others recovering from addiction find direction and support. In August 2014, NEMA became a 501(c)(3). The organization is built upon a foundation established over an approximate 35-year period, originally taking root in The Berkshire Men’s Council with (Jeffrey Duvall, Michael Hodgkins, Colby Lewis, Brandon Davis and Robert “Bob” L. Cote). Shown above.

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