RLA Cote Scholarship Fund

The RLA Cote Scholarship Fund is an organic, living and changing entity that is available to all men with no strings attached. This is not business as usual. Let’s continue to honor the late co-founder of Spirit Camp’s Bob Cote’s legacy by offering this opportunity to receive help for those who want to attend The Northeast Mens Alliance NEMA 501 (c)(3) Spirit Camps.

For those who are younger (18+), or are in recovery, a veteran or an elder, the R.L.A. Cote Scholarship Fund is here for you.

There is no hierarchy making the decision as to whom receives a scholarship. We are a circle, a council; all of us who make up this community know that it has always been a part of our mission of inclusivity to not let finances hinder anyone from attending.

For those of us who are frequent participants to Spirit Camp or to those who have never attended and are able to contribute financially, or in other ways, and assist in filling and maintaining the proverbial bucket, know that you are really helping those on scholarship.

For those of us who knew Bob from Men’s Work, from school, in your community or family, this is a way to continue to honor his wishes.

For those of you who are reading this: If you know of a man who would benefit from attending please have them reach out to David Tall Heart OBrien at 347-843-3461 and we will make sure they feel welcome and will come to Spirit Camp in May or October.

To make your R.L.A. Cote Scholarship Fund contribution use the link below to pay with your PayPal, debit or credit card.

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