What Is Spirit Camp?

For over 26 years, “Spirit Camps” have been held at the same special space in the Berkshire Mountains, the serene Camp Hi-Rock at Bear Rock Lodge. Atop Mount Washington, this weekend’s “Ritual-based Men’s Retreat” is sponsored by The North East Men’s Alliance (N.E.M.A.).

N.E.M.A. is a 501(c)(3), educational based non-profit.

Men of all ages (from 16 when accompanied by a parent or guardian) and walks of life have reported they found the activities and discussions “restorative” and “perspective-changing.” Spirit Camp welcomes men of all races, nationalities, creeds and sexual orientation. The objective of Spirit Camp is, and has always been, to create a safe container of men, where men can be themselves, among other men who may be different than them.

The facilities are simple but more than adequate, and are comfortably heated.
The main building (where we circle up, drum, meet in the stone fireplace room, share wholesome meals, and sleep in bunk rooms) looks down over a 90-acre private lake and up towards the Appalachian Trail.

There are woods and blazed trails, the sound of rushing wild white waters descending over boulders and green moss to a waterfall, and vistas perched above the distant landscapes to take in peace-filled moments.

  • Are you looking for a safe, yet challenging retreat?

  • Parents, family members and guardians enjoy attending with their sons, nephews or teenagers.

  • To drum, share poetry, or just relax.

  • Or dealing with aging–even with death.

  • Struggling with teenage related challenges.

  • Open to experiencing the sacred in nature.

  • Becoming a father, or desire to be a better one, or uncle.

  • Need a break from your daily routine.

  • Want to feel heard, or would like to be a listener for others.

This retreat appeals both to men experienced in men’s work and men who have never considered an event of this nature. Some men have been coming to this camp for decades, but there are always several first-timers to welcome. Young men age 16 coming with their fathers, uncles and/or guardians are welcome.

Please join us for the weekend.