Soul Work: What’s it like?

It’s like ripping open your heart and exposing it to the universe.

It’s like touching the depth of grief and sadness and fear and denial.

It’s like speaking things that you thought were unspeakable.

It’s like recognizing you’re not alone, and that others want and need and yearn to support and hold and bless this horrible, beautiful dance.

It’s like feeling safe and loved and held and supported and accepted.

It’s like relaxing an un-relaxable grip.

It’s like falling into a sacred vessel filled with the sweetest nectar you can imagine.

It’s like a long, slow drink of cool, clear water after months and years and decades of parched desert dryness.

It’s like feeling for the first time the weight and womb of the earth, the searing, scalding, cleansing, warming heat of the fire, the cool, moist, soul-satisfying air.

It’s like finding the secret to true north, true south, true east, and true west after wandering in a directionless landscape.

It’s like touching your father, and his father, and his father and his father until you reach the stars.

It’s like the past, present and future.

It’s like coming home.

By Jonathan Kalman